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Passive Income Lifestyle

Passive Income Lifestyle

Ah, the cool crisp smell of πŸ– sandy beaches and 🌊 ocean waves. Imagine yourself sitting at the beach enjoying a nice fresh 🍹 piΓ±a colada in one hand and constant πŸ’Έ payment notifications on your phone on the other. Well, ain’t that the life?Β 

That my friend, is what we call the passive income lifestyle. A lifestyle that many yearn, but only a few select can accomplish. I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up whenever they want, do what they want to do, and still earn recurring income, right?

Passive Income Lifestyle

The typical pessimist might say, “This passive income lifestyle is too good to be true.” or “Yeah, right. This screams scam opportunities to me!” Pssh. πŸ™„ Okay, Karen – you do you.Β 

On the other hand, the opportunity-seeking optimist will say, “Heck yes! Count me in!” or “I want that lifestyle! How do I start?” That’s me right there.Β 

What about you? Are you Karen the Pessimist or are you Kimmy the Optimistic Opportunist? 🧐 Judging by your presence at this site, I would say the latter. You are wanting dibs in the game BUT you’re unsure about how or where to start. Is that right?

Guess what? I’ll let you in on a secret. 🀫 There’s a gajillion pathways to the passive income lifestyle and your ability to scale for growth on each of these pathways are almost endless! 🀯 (mindblown)

What Is the Passive Income Lifestyle?

Okay, first and foremost – let me be clear on this hyperbole-sounding statement. The Passive Income Lifestyle aka the πŸ₯§ Pi Life is an end-game. Meaning, this is what you accomplish in the end, and in order to accomplish the end, you obviously have to start first.Β 

Oh, man! 😩 You mean I have to put in the work to achieve this lifestyle?! Ugh, yes. Do you think every business started out easy? Or should I re-phrase, you think starting a business is easy? The concept is easy but the work it involves is not, especially if you’re starting out as a solopreneur.

The sad truth about the passive income movement

Unfortunately, in today’s digital world, people or gurus promote passive income as a make-money-quick or get-rich-quick business model. Passive income doesn’t mean there is no work involved. Otherwise, we would all be rich. Does that make sense?

And it’s okay to feel betrayed or misled but it’s never okay to stay blinded by the truthfulness of this perhaps mindset shift that you must re-learn (the correct way).Β 

First Rule of the Pi Life:Β 
☝️ You have to put in the work (initially) 

Suffice to say, you cannot harvest something you haven’t sown. I hate to break it to you, but there is hard work required in the beginning. Afterwards, you can leave it as it is or cultivate it for even more growth. I’m talking business here.

Let’s define the Pi Life (if you’re still with me). The Passive Income Lifestyle is the next-generation lifestyle of successful webpreneurs who earn recurring income passively with zero to less effort.

To expand on this definition, it is generating income passively from a business you (the webpreneur) have created. This business is based on a model or framework that has been meticulously researched and tested for profitability.Β 

Ooh, we gettin’ techie here. πŸ‘€ Still with me?

"Only a few people are successful because most people are lazy."

How Do I Achieve the Passive Income Lifestyle?

Remember the first rule of Pi Life? You have to put in the work. Here’s a brief outline of the steps on how to reach the Passive Income Lifestyle.Β 

  1. Brainstorm online business ideas you can think of
  2. Research digital product ideas you can create in relation to your online business idea
  3. Follow a business model framework that suits your online business idea
  4. Design your online business brand that aligns with your target audience
  5. Establish your online presence by creating your stellar website
  6. Craft the evergreen digital products you intend to sell and publish it on your website
  7. Utilize an effective marketing strategy that will reach your ideal clients/customers
  8. Sit back and relax if you are comfortable on what you’re earning as this marks the beginning of your passive income lifestyle OR
  9. (optional) Scale and grow your online business by following the R & R Method aka “rinse and repeat” by repeating steps 1 through 9. Hopefully, by this time, you are already a millionaire.

The thing is, each of these steps are more than what they seem to be. 😬 

Emotional Damage

Okay, hear me out my friend. I know I’m not making it any easier for you here, so forgive me. πŸ™ But, when you come to think of each step, it requires a decent amount of work. Some may be less tedious, but for the most part – ya be grinding.

3 common myths about the passive income lifestyle

  • Passive income lifestyle is wishful thinking. I hate to break it to you, but it’s not. It only becomes wishful thinking when you don’t take action.Β 
  • It is a get-rich-quick scheme. Well, the sad truth is that a lot of gurus out there advertise it as that, and a lot of gullible people fall into the trap of the typical exaggerated income methods that have been rampant on the internet!

    For example, have you seen this type of claim? “Start Your 6-Figure Business In 30 Days” or “How I Made A Million Dollars Doing X“. The thing is, it’s too clickbait-y which makes it enticing to click! That’s what they’re trying to do and it’s called psychology. It’s all about marketing. Then, once you sign up and pay $$$, you get junk.

    Worse, you move on to the next guru claiming the exact same thing hoping it will be better and then, poof – it’s all the same shenanigans! These gurus teach the same exact stuff over and over again with exaggerated claims, false promises, and most importantly – overpriced junk.

  • It is a set-and-forget business model. Like I said earlier, you can stop at some point and stick with what you have, but in the long run, you’ll probably end up providing outdated materials. It’s crucial to follow the R&R Method (Rinse & Repeat Method) while applying Kaizen principles in your business.Β 

What's a good example of an online business that paves way to a passive income lifestyle?

Alright, example time! What a better way to use blogging as an example, right? It’s the most common way to start an online business.Β 

A blog? Seriously? πŸ™„
I am dead serious.
However, there’s also what I call “internet shortcuts” that you can try, but mostly involve some sort of a good deal of spending. Hence, we’ll go for the common, easy, and frugal way to start an online business.

πŸ’‘ Online Business Idea: A food blog for vegans
πŸ’‘ Digital Product Ideas: Recipe cookbooks, meal prep printables, paid membership to your cookbook club, paid workshops or events, and online courses.

But Kimmy, most of these digital product ideas aren’t passive at all…

Great observation! Which brings me to the Second Rule of Pi Life: You need to take care of your business so that it takes good care of you. In principle (in a nerdy kind of way), physics-wise, we apply the second law of thermodynamics. That is, in short form, the universe always go into disorder and requires work to restore and/or maintain order.

To emphasize my point, you have to do some housekeeping so that order is maintained within your dream business. Does that make sense?

How you do this highly depends on you.Β 
A. You can hire people if you can afford it or
B. You can DIY it if you like doing things your way and making sure that things get done your wayΒ 

In the most obvious of ways, choice A is by far the most convenient way to actually live the Pi Lifestyle. However, if you’re a starter, choice B might be the most cost-effective way. Remember, as an online business starter, you have to be a frugal business owner until you achieve the monthly income you are fairly comfortable living with.

This means, keeping your overhead costs down or at a minimum until you can expand later on.Β 

Going back to your online food blog (as an example), the next step is to follow a business model framework that best suits your online business. In this case, you will follow the Blog for Profits Business Model Framework.

In a nutshell, it goes something like this:
βœ… You choose your blog forte
βœ… You research & identify your blog persona
βœ… You narrow down your blog’s target audience
βœ… You establish your blog’s online presence
βœ… You plan out your blog’s content
βœ… You create meaningful and informative content for your blog
βœ… You utilize the Blog for Profits Scale & Growth Methods (e.g. affiliate marketing)

Moving forward, once you have successfully mapped out your Blog for Profits Business Model Framework, you build your killer brand. You will use your blog framework as one of your guides to achieve this.Β 

Ready to Build Your (first) online business?

Our planner is designed to be your companion in this exciting journey. With its step-by-step format, it’ll guide you through every stage of launching your online business.

βœ”οΈ Map out your goals
βœ”οΈ Undated + lifetime version updates
βœ”οΈ Beginner-friendly
βœ”οΈ Digital use or print and bind!
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Are you still with me? Because we’re not even halfway through the Pi Lifestyle Roadmap. I can see your hazy eyes slowly drifting away into dreamland over there. 🧐 Remember the first rule of Pi Life: Put in the work.

The Fifth Step of the Pi Life Roadmap: Establish your online presence by building your online blog aka website. Basically speaking, you choose your web hosting provider and launch your blog online!Β 

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Step 6 of the Pi Life: The Income Generation Blueprint. To be precise, this is the stage where you outline ways on how you can generate income from your online blog (our main example)! This is probably the most exciting part of the Pi Life Roadmap. If this didn’t perk your ears and eyes up, then you need to wake up, bruh.

Below are just some of the ways you can monetize aka make money from your blog.

πŸ’Έ affiliate marketing
πŸ’Έ offering/selling ad space
πŸ’Έ selling products/services
πŸ’Έ Start a membership club

There are many ways on how you can scale and grow on each of those methods. For example, you can offer to write for other blogs (guest writing) in exchange for money or just exposure.Β 

In our example, you can offer to sell recipe books for your online food blog or sell printable recipe guide workbooks too. Other things you can sell at your food blog website are personalized mugs, home goods, kitchenwares, etc.Β 

In addition to that, you can create an exclusive membership site that only paid members can access such as exclusive tasty recipes and monthly “recipe drops”. You can be as creative as you can be.

The Seventh Step of the Pi Life Roadmap: Fearless Marketing Frenzy. In other words, it’s time to market your food blog gem to your target audience – the food lovers! πŸ˜‹ 🍽 So, how do you find the right match? This is where your Blog for Profits Business Model Framework comes in (once again – if you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll keep referring to this blueprint) in conjunction with your Blog for Profits Scale & Growth Methods.Β 

Below are just some of the many ways on how you can market your blog to your target audience.

A. Social Media (Free) – you can join groups related to your forte
B. Advertisements – you can use Google Adsense or FB Ads to do this. It may take a little bit of learning curve but there are plenty of resources you can utilize to learn how to advertise correctly.
C. Forums (Free to Paid) – just like social media, you can join conversations and even advertise on it
D. Email Marketing (Free to Paid) – you can start off by using a free email marketing software and scale to a paid one as your list grows

Ready for the 8th Step if the Pi Lifestyle? The 8th step is the simplest one – you sit back and relax if you’re comfortable on what you’re earning. Easy peasy, right?

Uhm, idk Kimmy

Well, like I said – it’s simple but it ain’t easy. Blood and sweat is required, not optional nor recommended. However, here’s one that’s optional: Step 9 of the Pi Lifestyle – The R & R Method aka Rinse & Repeat Method. It should be pretty self-explanatory – you repeat steps 1 through 9 until eventually, you are rich af. Literally.Β 

Always remember, work smarter – not harder. πŸ’‘

I haven’t been to that phase in life yet, but I created this roadmap not only for myself but also for people like you who I think might benefit from it. This is the method I am following as of right now. Hopefully, this guide has been informative for you and that you stick around!Β 

Now that you understand what the passive income lifestyle is all about, it’s time to take the next step!Β 

πŸ₯³ You did it! Ready for the next step?

Step 2:

It's time to launch your online website! 🎈 Let's go! ➜

Last updated: 8/2/2023
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