fbpx How to Make Money From Your Blog In 2023
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How to Make Money From Your Blog In 2023

How to Make Money From Your Blog In 2023

I’m sure you have heard of The Great Resignation of 2021 where many say that it was because of Covid-19. If you are among the workforce who did or almost did, you were probably thinking of ways on how to make money from the comforts of your home. Should you participate in side gigs? How about freelancing? Perhaps you have also thought about how to make money from your blog in 2023 if you do have one.

Needless to say my friend, there is not a perfect time to start your own blog but now. Yes, ⌚️ now. Think about it, if you started last year and published 2-3 articles every month, you could’ve had 24-36 posts already! However, a lot of us don’t have the luxury of free time to do this, so one post is always better than none.

At the time of this writing, we are working diligently to publish 1-2 posts per month. We have decided to be more consistent about it since Fall 2022 and have rebranded the website since then. The key to success in blogging is consistency 📊.

How to Make Money From Your Blog In 2023

A lot of bloggers say that making money by blogging takes time. This is not exactly true. Why? Take Eve Arnold’s story for example. He made $31,063 online by using his own “100K system” strategy. 😱 That is quite impressive! Maybe we should try it out too and see for ourselves, yeah?

If you go to Medium, you’ll find a myriad of stories about bloggers making a lot just by blogging.

In short, there is really no hard rule on how much you can earn and how long it will take to start earning from your blog. It’s a matter of luck coupled with your dedication, consistency, and expertise. Obviously, the more you write, the better. However, the question is – are you writing meaningful, targeted, and SEO-optimized posts 👆?

The first step in starting a blog - get web hosting

In order to publish your well-written content, you need to have web hosting for your blog so that everyone on the internet sees it. There are thousands of web hosting companies you can choose from, so that is totally up to you.

There are many ways you can setup your blog. You can use WordPress which is the most popular one, or you can go with other content management systems that offer blogging capabilities. It all comes down to what your plans are for your blog which dictates what your needs are going to be right now and in the near future.

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We won’t go deep into all the nitty gritty stuff of setting up your WordPress blog in this post, but feel free to check that out over here.

The second step on how to make money from your blog in 2023 - write meaningful content

The most obvious key to make money from your blog is to obviously start producing meaningful content. But how do you even know what to write in the first place? Answer the questions below.

  1. Who are you writing for?
  2. What are their pains?
  3. What are they passionate about?
  4. What is their personality like?
  5. What do they need help with?
  6. How are you trying to help them?
  7. Where are your target audience lurking?

Once you have figured out the answers to those questions, the next step is to tailor your writing style according to this audience persona. Make a plan or a draft of your target audience and adjust accordingly.

Link is Queen, content is King.

Remember, when you start a blog, "link is queen while content is king". What does this mean? Well, in the blogging perspective, content is what makes up the beef of your website. When we speak of content, this can be anywhere from an article post or a podcast or a video.

"The mother of all hierarchies are your links."

Who is linking back to you (aka who is talking about your site or blog)?
Who do you link to (aka who do you talk about)?

Basically, you want to build links that are particular to your own niche/topic/expertise and vice versa. You want to mention and talk about other companies/sites/blogs relevant to your blog/site. After all, would you want to be mentioned by spammy websites or blacklisted websites? Turning it around, will you be mentioning crappy resources on yours? That's what I thought.

7 easy peasy ways on how to make money from your blog

Here comes the fun part. It’s time to explore the many ways on how you can make money from your blog! 🤩

  1. Join Affiliate Marketing Agencies

    Affiliate marketing is one lucrative way that bloggers make money from their blogs. It works by promoting products or services of other people on your blog. When a reader clicks on a link (also called affiliate link), they earn a commission. Most often, there is a time period to qualify for a commission and within that period, a purchase has to be made. Other times, you get rewarded just for clicks.

    👉 Here are the top 8 affiliate marketing networks to sign up with

  2. Partner With Ad Networks

    Utilize that white space on your sidebar by promoting ads your readers will find useful. One great technique is for you to insert it in a relevant post that’s noticeable and will grab the attention of your reader. Some ad networks are Google AdSense, AdThrive, and Monumetric.

  3. Offer Your Own Products/Services
    Another lucrative way to make money from your blog is to create your own products and/or services for your readers. Some examples are digital products like eBooks, workbooks, and downloadables. You can offer services too (if you have a special skill) such as graphic & design, web hosting, and virtual assisting.

  4. Accept Sponsored Posts
    Sponsored posts are articles that you publish in your blog that has been written by someone else. It could also be the other way around; you write for another blog to gain backlinks. Usually, companies or people related to your blog would contact you to get their article published on your blog for free or for a fee. Most of the time, you will have to reach an agreement on how much or what form of compensation you get in exchange of the article being published in your blog.

  5. Create A Paid Membership Site
    Creating a community for your readers will definitely promote inclusivity and belongingness. We are social creatures, and it is natural for us to socialize. You can start out by limiting certain articles for members only where they have to pay a premium for access to exclusive content.

  6. Open An Online Store
    Aside from digital products to sell, you can start an online store and sell tangible products too! One good example is selling custom print designs on t-shirts, mugs, and socks. For example, if your blog is about pets, you can sell custom mugs that offer personalized prints of pet owners’ dogs. The options are endless!

  7. Offer Online Courses

    If you’re an expert on a certain topic, or you have skills that you think people would love to improve on, why not offer an online course for them? Online courses are extremely profitable because a lot of people like to learn new things. Did you know that the demand for virtual learning has exploded in the past couple of years?

    If it’s easier for you, you can use an external host to offer your online courses such as Udemy, Thinkific, or Teachable.

Among these 7 lists, there are micro-ways on how you can branch out further in monetizing your blog. For example, if you plan to offer services to clients, you are not limited to just offering services. You can also offer upgrades, a membership option, or a pay-as-you-go option. Just be creative!

One thing to be aware of is to not get stuck with a multitude of projects! 😱 Take one idea at a time. Beware of shiny-object-syndrome. I know we all have creative ideas and plans we’d love to implement, but one way to fail is to start too many projects at once.


Good question! It really depends on various factors such as your budget, your web hosting needs, and your technical abilities. Budget-wise (for starters), I recommend Hostinger, QHoster, or Ionos 👍.

There’s really no concrete answer to this. If you want to be eco-friendly, Green Geeks is your host. If you are on a tight budget, Ionos offers $0.50 for 12 months. Lastly, if you want a well-known company in the industry, Bluehost is what a lot of bloggers recommend.

The number is anywhere from $0 to hundreds of thousands per year 💸! Pat Flynn has earned $459,341.00 back in 2016, Abby Lawson earned $41,700 in 2016, and Create & Go earned $67,317.56 in just one month alone.

One of the most common ways bloggers get paid is through Paypal. Another way is by direct deposit into a checking or bank account. Sometimes, you only get credits for the website for their service. For example, when you refer users to Dropbox through your link, they will increase your storage quota in return.

Beginner bloggers make barely any since they are just starting out. However, if you’re consistent with publishing posts, you will always be closer to getting that first cha-ching! 

Definitely! With the internet at its best and always improving, now is always the best time to start a blog and earn passive income! Everyone is always searching for something, and if you are knowledgeable at something, you should use that to your advantage.

I mean, you’re reading this post, so you as the consumer seem to be benefiting from it. So yes, it’s definitely worth it as long as you at least like to inform others, write, or help out.

Blogging is not difficult at all. Anyone can start one as long as you can write. Practice makes perfect, and the more you do it, the more you’ll get better at it.

Eventually, yes – blogging can be a full time job and be your main source of income. It may take a while especially if you have other responsibilities to take care of, but with hard work and dedication, you can do it.

Absolutely! Some of the free blogging platforms are Blogger by Google, Tumblr, WordPress, and Weebly.

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