fbpx WordPress Care Plans for Seattle - Bellingham and Beyond
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WordPress Care Plans

Worry-free done-for-you WordPress website maintenance and security to keep your website away from the bad guys (and the bad 🤖 bots).

+ so much more!

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Timely Reports
Awesome Support
Security Updates

The last thing you want is a compromised website or that dreaded white screen of death

Automated Backups

From weekly to daily website backups, we're here to keep a copy of your WP website in case the worst events happen.

Plugin Updates

No matter if you have 1 or 15 plugins installed in your site, we update everything safely, securely, and promptly.

Security Monitoring

Daily security site monitoring and scans to catch the bad guys (and bugs) in the soonest possible timeframe.

Friendly Tech Support

Our team is ready and on standby to assist with WP issues you may be having, always here to provide recommendations.

Performance Checks

Monitor what your website grade is and get insights on performance improvements to make it faster & better.

Uptime Monitoring

There's no business if your site is inaccessible to customers. With daily uptime monitoring, we'll check and let you know!
Here for You & Your Website

We make web care affordable.

As a small business owner, this is the WordPress care plan to help keep the bad guys at bay. You want to protect your assets so you can run an efficient business. Let us extend a helping hand today.

Friendly support
Secure and up to date website
Peace of mind
Friendly Site Support
From premium to priority site support, our highly personable and friendly team support is here behind your back.
Secure & Updated Website
We keep your WordPress website polished and mess free with our in-house site care maintenance.
Peace of Mind
Rest easy every night knowing that your WordPress website is always updated and monitored each and every single day.

📋 Monthly Progress Reports
💌 Delivered to Your Inbox

WordPress core updates to the latest stable version
Plugin updates log with version list
Detailed web traffic analytics report
Uptime reporting on downtimes, outages, and website availability
Detailed response time graphing
WP Care Plan Report

Done for you web maintenance

Scheduled WordPress updates
Automated plugin updates
Manual offsite backups

Web performance check-ups

Website auditing for SEO
Web optimization tool for SEO
Optimization guide for SEO

Done for you WordPress hardening

Proactive website monitoring
Automated website security scans
Malware detection and mitigation
Affordable WP Care Plans

A WordPress care plan to suit your online business needs

If you want to save precious time running a seamless online business, our WordPress maintenance service is the perfect fit for you.

A well-maintained WordPress is a healthy website.

We'll squish the bugs away, monitor for vulnerabilities, scan for malware, and so much more. We're here for you.

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WP Lite


For creators & small businesses

Plugin updates
Theme updates
WP core updates
Brute force protection
Security monitoring
Premium support
WP Deluxe


For growing businesses

Everything in WP Lite
Off-site backups
Uptime monitoring
Core web vitals
Web analytics
WooCommerce support
Priority support

Here's all the security features you get

Get peace of mind wherever you are. 

Self-manage capability features
Ability to set custom security settings through our premium plugin.
Audit logging
Get a bird's eye view of what's happening on your website 24/7.
Enable Google ReCaptcha
Enable 1 of 3 ReCaptcha options for the bad bots and keep spam comments away.
X-XSS protection
Prevent cross-site scripting attacks on major browsers such as Chrome.
Brute force protection
Mask the default login and enable 2-factor authentication with ease.
Firewall capabilities
404 and login protection to fight brute force attacks on your website.
Pawned password protection
Ability to restrict users from using leaked passwords on the internet.
Malware scanning
Scheduled scans for known vulnerabilities on core WP, themes, and plugin files.
Block by IP or country
The ability to block by IP or location-based blocking to thwart risky addresses.
Custom email notifications
Get custom alerts delivered to your inbox so you know what's going on.
404 detection
Monitor login attempts and set custom session timeouts.
Custom security recommendations
Get custom security improvements for further WP hardening.


In order for us to help you manage your site securely and safely, we’ll need administrator access to your WP website. Our WordPress maintenance service requires a separate administrator account from the website owner for privacy and security reasons.

Before purchasing, please read the instructions on how to provide administrator access to a WordPress website securely.

Think of maintenance like taking care of your car. Regular upkeep keeps it running smoothly, secure from hackers, and ensures a great user experience. With our WordPress care plan, your website will be maintained 24/7 so it can run smoothly every single day.

We get it, updates can feel like a chore. But they patch security holes, fix bugs, and bring new features. Plus, with our help, it’s going to be a breeze and hassle-free!

Neglecting maintenance can lead to security breaches, slow performance, and even downtimes. Your visitors might bounce, and search engine rankings could suffer. Don’t let that happen! We’re here to help!

It depends on your skills, time, and priorities. If you prefer the DIY route, follow best practices. But a maintenance plan can save you time and provide expert assistance when needed. This will help you focus on what really matters – your day-to-day business operation.

Yes, you can cancel anytime and with our money back guarantee, you will be refunded in full for the month you last paid for – no prorating on our care plans!

We’re glad you’re taking proactive steps in protecting your WordPress website! A majority of our web hosting services are served via Prolific Host – our web hosting brand for solopreneurs and small business owners. Come check it out!