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The only business planner that increases its value over time.

Get free monthly planner updates and watch your planner grow and scale with your first online business.

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Here's the thing about yearly planners

Once the year is over - you have to buy another one.
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yearly planner expenses
you need to buy a new one every year and you end up wasting a lot of time looking for the next perfect planner instead of using this precious time to grow your business
outdated content
as time goes by, planner needs for business owners change. Most planners are bought as is. You will have to wait for the next edition and then pay for it.
fixed use duration
with dated planners, you are limited to the year it was designed for which pretty much goes down the drain once the season comes to an end
no user input
when you buy planners, you buy the design and format as is and there are no future input from its users to make it better nor find out what is working great
fixed design
you are stuck with the same design and format for the rest of the year unless you buy a new one to replace the old one - and the cycle goes on and on
no support
at the most, you get a boring how-to-use PDF guide (if not at all) and are sent along your merry way hoping everything works out well for you

and here's the crazy idea we came up with:

A lifetime business planner that autoupdates-ish in an awesome kinda way. 
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The all-new Solopreneur Quick Launch Digital Business Planner

This is your official roadmap in designing your dream brand as a solopreneur, creating your (first) online business, and launching it in less than seven days.

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Undated Pages
Start anytime and use it year after year! You'll never have to purchase another one ever again.
Lifetime Updates
The first ever business planner that gets version updates for free! Like we said, use it over and over again.
Step-by-step Process
Features actionable steps and goals to help you go from idea to website in just seven days!
Minimal Design
Carefully designed with simplicity and elegance to help you keep your focus towards your business goals.
Print-ready Pages
The perfect partner for those who like the look and feel of the majestic ink on freshly bound paper.
Digital-ready Feature
The ideal planner for those who like to write on their tablets and other digital devices.
Online Business Planner for Solopreneurs

A growing collection with you in mind

2024 Calendar Sheet
Supplier List
Stop List
Freebie Tracker January Update
Editorial Calendar April Update
Brainstorm Worksheet
Product Research
Client List
To-Do List
Social Media Planner May Update
Digital Dark Mode February Update
Digital Light Mode March Update
Business Framework
Business Basics
Brand Visual Guide
Annual Goals Idea List
Annual Goals Action Plan
Yearly Overview
Key Dates
Affiliate Tracker March Update
Monthly Goals
Monthly Overview
Monthly Trackers
Printable Covers Seasonal Updates
Time Log
Monthly Revenue
Weekly Plan
Daily Plan
Password Log
Sponsor Tracker February Update

Is this your perfect match?

This quick launch digital business planner is for you if any or most apply:

This quick launch digital business planner might not be for you if any or most apply:

Kimmy Garcia - Millennial Bella Founder

👋 Why, hello there! I'm Kimmy!

Hey, you! I'm Kimmy, a digital nomad, founder of Millennial Bella, and long-time WordPress enthusiast.

I help DIY Solopreneurs craft their dream brand into a profitable online business so they can slowly (or quickly) ditch the 9 to 5 and achieve their Ideal Income Lifestyle.

Having worked the nine to five for 7+ years, spending 3 hours everyday in Seattle traffic, I knew that something needed to change.

So, I decided to build my own business - and you can too.

Here's what past and current clients have to say


I liked the simplicity of her presentation as seller. I wrote to her first to make sure she would do what I wanted and she agreed. She responded fully and clearly to my correspondence and questions then delivered a great job very quickly. I am happy to recommend her and would definitely work with Mellennialbella again for sure.

katsim11 🇮🇩
Design Client

Great! Exactly what I asked for.

chebae 🇺🇸
Design Client

Good Experience!

bonstar19 🇨🇦
Design Client

Outstanding Experience!

viikka 🇵🇱
Design Client

Outstanding Experience! Gave me a good base to really help me narrow down what i wanted and delivered perfectly

julinavarrete 🇺🇸
Design Client

I found that Millenniabella was very responsive and quick. She designed clean and direct certificates for my business. I was pleased with this process completely.

nharker 🇺🇸
Design Client

Fabulous work and very prompt!! Thank you!

disneydiva 🇺🇸
Design Client

Super fast. Thanks!

kindersleep 🇨🇦
Design Client

Positive, cheerful, and responsive. She made exactly what I wanted. Very nice!

danceolifephoto 🇺🇸
Design Client

Excellent assistance with installations and configuration of plugins on WP. Thank you so much!

rakylemahoney 🇬🇧
Web Client

Thank You For An Amazing Job.

relentlesslove 🇺🇸
Design Client

Fantastic work. Thank you very much. Will definitely be using again in the future.

dephillips 🇬🇧
Design Client


Is there a limit for usage?
You can print your planner as many times as you want for your personal use only. Please see the Digital License information at the Help Center for more information.
What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of the products we sell (ebooks, workbooks, worksheets, etc.), all sales on digital downloads are considered final, and we do not offer refunds or exchanges. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies and tools in our digital products.
What is "Lifetime Version Updates"?
When we say lifetime version updates, we mean you get any improvement on version 1 of the planner for free as long as you remain an active email subscriber (because that's where we will let you know) and a Kaizen Hub member (because that's where it will be at).
Is this customizable?
No, this is a ready-to-print finished product. You can also use it on your tablet using your favorite note-taking app.
What is Skool?
Skool is a group membership platform where you can create your own community (free or paid) to grow your audience. You can host events, mingle with your followers, and create courses too!
What kind of updates should I expect?
Updates to the planner may include design enhancements and planner additions meaning new pages to add to your current 29-pager. Updates are sent to the email you used to purchase your planner.
What's the difference between versions 1 and 2?
Version 2 is the upgraded digital business planner. Version 1 is tailored for beginner solopreneurs who would like to start their first online business on the right foot in as little as seven days. Version 2 is specifically tailored for established brands/businesses who are looking to rebrand or scale their digital business to the next level.
I already have a business, can I still use this?
The Quick Start Planner is mainly designed for solopreneurs who are new to online business. This may be too generic/basic for your needs. Check out our version 2 planner.
Can I really get it for free when I join Skool?
Yes! In partnership with Skool, we decided to make the Solopreneur Planner complimentary with any active membership. As long as you remain an active member, you will receive planner updates for life!
Quick Launch Planner v1.0
Let your sparkle shine, girl

Let's start building your dream business today

If you're starting your first online hustle or business, this planner is your companion to take you to the next level so you can finally gain momentum in your roadmap to the lifestyle you want.