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DotCal Appointment Booking & Scheduler

DotCal Appointment Booking & Scheduler

Have you heard of DotCal Appointment Booking & Scheduler? If you’re a service provider like us, you probably schedule online appointments with your clients. There are probably hundreds of extremely great appointment scheduling software out there to choose from!

But, here’s the kicker. 👀
There is a free online appointment scheduling platform that screams modern, simple, elegant, and easy to use.

It’s called 📆 DotCal

DotCal Appointment Booking

What Is DotCal?

Dotcal Personalized Booking Platform

DotCal is a free appointment booking app for service providers such as creative designers, coaches, digital creators, lawyers, and business owners. 

Think FloDesk (email marketing) but for appointments. 

There’s probably hundreds of online schedulers out there that pop right in your brain when your hear the word appointments. There’s the well-known calendar management systems such as Calendly, TidyCal, You Can Book Me, Bookly, and Appointy. 

Or if you’re feeling sophisticated, there’s also 💎 Motion. 

But the question is: What sets Dotcal apart?

DotCal appointment booking & scheduler is elegantly minimalistic.

One thing I adore about the platform is its elegant design which is minimal yet sophisticated. If you’re a web designer or a creative freelancer, then this is your perfect match. Guaranteed. 

It is a design-first scheduling platform that allows you to create beautiful booking pages for anyone – even your not-so-tech-savvy person can manage to use by themselves! 

Dotcal Personalized Booking for Entrepreneurs
Dotcal UI Overview
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There’s plenty of professional-looking templates to choose from. You can go modern, fun, or elegant. Whatever your personality is, you can customize your booking page effortlessly in just a few clicks!

DotCal Appointment Booking & Scheduling Features

When you book appointments with your clients, you want your scheduler to be straightforward and easy to use. DotCal does just that. 

Free Members Get the Perks Too!

👉 Choose 1 calendar to sync your appointment page
👉 Schedule unlimited meetings with clients
👉 Choose 1 meeting template
👉 Add booking information on your custom booking page
👉 Get your own personalized booking link
👉 Embed your booking page to your website seamlessly

On the brightest of sides, if you decide to go Pro like the big girl you are, you get even more benefits!

👉 You get all the free perks (obviously)
👉 Unlock unlimited meeting templates
👉 Integrate 2 calendars (because you’re so busy)
👉 Remove the DotCal branding
👉 Get 24/7 support 

Finally, if you’re CEO status already, guess what? Yes, even more options for the VIP in you!

👉 Everything from the Pro plan
👉 Connect 6 calendars (because ya’ busy af)

What excites me the most is that since DotCal is at its early phase, the price is extremely affordable as compared to its competitors. With that said, now is the perfect time to invest and take advantage of this promising scheduling software. 

You never know when the price goes up. But I bet once it gains massive traction in the market, it will level up its prices along with its competitors.

DotCal Pricing


🤩 Lifetime
  • Unlimited meetings
  • 1 meeting template
  • 1 calendar


😎 For Movers
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited templates
  • 2 calendars


💎 Enterprise
$ 12 FOR 12 MONTHS
  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited templates
  • 6 calendars

Dotcal Sneak Peek

Let’s take a sneak peek behind Dotcal’s intuitive and user-friendly interface.
Video walkthrough coming soon. 
Note: The tests were performed using my DotCal Pro (paid) account. Honestly, you can just go ahead and create your FREE account and explore the platform yourself, right? 👀

When someone books an appointment with you, it will show up on your calendar. Then, if they decide to cancel or reschedule, they will be redirected to your booking page and will be shown other available times to reserve.

Dotcal Scheduling - Cancellation Confirmation

👈 This is how it looks like for your clients upon successful cancellation or rescheduling from your booking page.


Down below is how it looks like for your calendar once someone books an appointment with you. 👇

Dotcal Google Calendar Integration

In the near future, I’m pretty sure that more enhancements and features will be developed. Rumor has it that form creation is in the works, but don’t quote me on that. 🤔

DotCal Appointment Booking Software for Solopreneurs

Try DotCal for FREE Today!

You can use this code to get 50% OFF for 6 months (if you decide to purchase):

If you’re looking for that perfect booking app to wow your clients (because first impressions last), then look no further because Dotcal is your secret weapon. It was just 😍 love at first sight when they introduced their product to me (thanks to David). Well, at least for me which is why I super duper highly recommend this gem


Dotcal is the perfect online scheduler for graphic & web designers, online creatives, and coaches & consultants. But basically, if you provide services that require your clients to schedule appointments, then this is a great booking app for you!

Yes, you can start using Dotcal for free without those pesky 7-day trials (before they boot you out of their system)! 

You can integrate your Google, Outlook, Apple, or any CalDav-supported (for the tech savvy) platform in your Dotcal account.

Definitely! You will have a special iFrame code to paste on your site or you can use your booking link (if it’s easier).

Yes! You can easily integrate Zoom with Dotcal.

Yes, you can choose Google Meet as your preferred video meeting platform for clients.

Absolutely! You simply need your video link and it sets the video meeting platform for you! 

Yep. You can add co-organizers to your Dotcal account and sync their schedule with yours.